«Sometimes the cantor cannot reach the high notes. Then, he needs the help of another cantor, who sets the tone. So also the first gets to the tone. Here is the result of the communion of two spirits; everyone is partner of another’s strength. Sometimes a man does not understand the Treaty of the Talmud he is studying; but as soon as he start discussing with his companion, all becomes clear. The union gives birth to new understandings and new wisdom»

«The way of peace seems more and more to pass through the hospitality … It is the challenge to build a society without enemies, without opponents, a society in which diversity reconcile and integrate»

«Hebron: I long to go there; there is the tomb of Avraham, the patriarch of the believers, Jews, Christians and Muslims, which is the first hero of hospitality, of the right of asylum. I think that the problems of the beginning of the humanity are also those of the end, especially that of the sacred character of the law of asylum and the respect of foreigners»

Genesis 18, 1-8
Now the Lord appeared to him in the plains of Mamre, and he was sitting at the entrance of the tent when the day was hot. And he lifted his eyes and saw, and behold, three men were standing beside him, and he saw and he ran toward them from the entrance of the tent, and he prostrated himself to the ground. And he said, “My lords, if only I have found favor in your eyes, please do not pass on from beside your servant. Please let a little water be taken, and bathe your feet, and recline under the tree. And I will take a morsel of bread, and sustain your hearts; after[wards] you shall pass on, because you have passed by your servant.” And they said, “So shall you do, as you have spoken.” And Abraham hastened to the tent to Sarah, and he said, “Hasten three seah of meal [and] fine flour; knead and make cakes.” And to the cattle did Abraham run, and he took a calf, tender and good, and he gave it to the youth, and he hastened to prepare it. And he took cream and milk and the calf that he had prepared, and he placed [them] before them, and he was standing over them under the tree, and they ate.

AVRAHAM is loved by God for his pure faith in El Shaddai, in God Almighty, above human divisions: the basis of this simple faith in the hearts we assert is the point of re-start of a profound dialogue between the Abrahamic religions that we aim to reach.

Our contribution to the interreligious dialogue will be based primarily on the “Chamber of Study”, into which will be done an uncommon study, thanks to the voluntary help of people from all the religious fields, who are subject of phenomena such as premonitory dreams, visions or have particularly feelings on the matters of the spirit.

This particular type of study is based, for our part, on a millenary tradition even prior to the construction of Solomon’s Temple and with direct Jewish origin, tradition that was in the hands of the Dardain, a Jewish community that moved to Yemen to avoid assist to the Orban Ha-Bait, the destruction of the first Temple, thus proving to have faith and knowledge to follow the words of the Prophet who had predicted that event.

This study will be carried out by anyone who wants to participate, from any religious field and will be used both for the study of texts than to begin to explain issues related to the soul and to the secrets of the world and the nature contained in our tradition. To share with others this wonderful tool that HaShem allowed to use is an effective way for us to build mutual respect, which we assert to be the basis of all true religious teaching.

Ultimate goal aims to be the unveiling of the common roots of the Abrahamic religions. These roots passes certainly through the study of the texts, but they become evident if you work in humility and in opposition to the sentiment of the self, of the historic role that we ascribe to our own doctrine, and that permeates the different spheres of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
In this generation does not exist on earth a place similar to the “Chamber of Study”. In order to use it you need to have the permission of Moses our Teacher and the Authority of the Prophet Elijah of Blessed Memory. Only one man, the Just, can take on the responsibility of managing this wonderful tool delivered by HaShem. Today this man is the Anointed Priest of the House of Prayer for all the People, Rabbi Carmine Davide Delle Donne HYACH MESHCRY EL ZERACHH. No one else, in any way, can know what is revealed through the “Chamber of Study”. This tool we bring to the attention of the world. This, the best we have, we humbly offer to anyone who wants to stay as our guest under the oak of Mamrè, in mutual respect, in the spirit of hospitality and dialogue to increase mutual understanding and wisdom.

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