The Master Carmine Davide Delle Donne was born in Genzano di Lucania (Potenza – Italy), he studied at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” at the Faculty of Law.

He lives in Rome.

He is the founder of the Cultural and Religious Association “House of Avraham – House of Prayer of all the People”.

In 1983 he was recognized as the Secret Student of the Teacher Haim Wenna, son of the Teacher Mosè Wenna, Chief of the Thirty-six Hidden Tzadik, Chief Rabbi of Sa’anà, Yemen.

The identification was done and testified in documents by the first Jewish Student of the Morè Haim Wenna to whom such research was entrusted.

After the circumcision and  after having studied Torah, Talmud and other Redemptional studies in Milan for seven years, he re-establish in Genzano di Lucania (Potenza-Italy), the ancient school of the Essenes called the School of Ester or the School of the Teacher of Justice or the School of the Rose.

The Teacher Carmine Davide Delle Donne is the heir of two traditions, the Kabbalak Maassit of the School of the Essenes and the Secret Yemeni Oral Tradition, they both converge into him.


Later, in 1990/91, after the prophetic call of the Prophet Elijah, he received the Revelation of the Third Final Redemption.

This is the message that establishes the perfect balance of the history of the people of Israel and the Humanity, revealed in the books of the Third Redemption.

Starting from 1992 he publishes his studies: the books “The Second Commandment”, “The Golden Calf, “The solved knot of the mystery of Christ” and there was the first draft of the book “The New Pact”.

Subsequently he publishes “The Book of Ester”, “The Third Final Redemption for Israel and the Nations – The New Pact”, “Ha Maschiach Ben David”, “The Book of Signs”, “The Messiah and the Rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem”, “There is a Man who sees and two blind men”,  “The Way toward the second Council of  Jerusalem”, “The tractate of the multiplication of the phishes and the breads”, “Let there be light”, “Brith Shalom”.

In 2012 he starts the series “Rebuilding, Reconstruction and Reunification of Jerusalem”, concerning the Twelve Tribes of Jerusalem.

Since the first years of the new millennium were realized some documentaries composing the series “The Revealed Jew” and two divulgation movies for the series “Signs”: the “Project for the finding of the final grave of Jesus of Nazareth” and “Joseph and Mary parents of Jesus of Nazareth”.

It is online the website, instrument of knowledge and divulgation: where can be found writings and movie reporting of study trips and works made in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, France, Rome, Milan, Vigevano, Trani, Genzano di Lucania, Paola, San Giovanni Rotondo, Castel del Monte in Italy and other places.